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The History Of Pie
Thu Jul 2023

Pie has a long and interesting history that can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The concept of a pie, or a dish with a pastry crust, filled with sweet or savory ingredients, has been present in many cultures throughout history.

One of the earliest recorded examples of a pie-like dish comes from ancient Egypt, where pharaohs were buried with honey-filled pastry cones. Greeks and Romans also made pies, which were usually filled with meat and served at banquets.

In medieval times, pies became a popular way to serve meat dishes, and pies filled with meat, vegetables, and fruit were common at banquets and feasts. The pastry crusts were often very tough and inedible, serving only to hold the filling together.

In the 16th century, pies began to take on a more decorative appearance, with intricate patterns and designs on the crusts. During this time, fruit pies also became more popular, as sugar and spices became more readily available.

The English are often credited with popularizing the pie, and many traditional English pies, such as steak and kidney pie and shepherd's pie, are still enjoyed today. In the 19th century, pies became a staple of American cuisine, with pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie among the most popular varieties.

Today, pies are enjoyed all over the world and can be filled with just about any combination of ingredients. From sweet to savory, there's a pie to suit every taste and occasion.

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